Use the discount code PIKKALOVE02 and get 15% off everything until the 28th of February. Let's celebrate the month of love. True self-love. 

February is the month of love. This year I'm thinking: self-love.

Because whatever the lovers, it's always you yourself showing the world the example of how to treat you.  

I show myself I love me every day when I... How would you finish this sentence?   

The candles on my shelves are my little self-love lights. My opportunity to surround myself with scents that mean something to me. Our last summer trip to Tuscany had to be cancelled and every time I light my Tuscany candle, it invites me to the journey that will happen one day, someday, soon.

My friend, who is also a mother of two small children, once said: "lighting a scented candle is my personal meditation - it helps as I haven't got a chance to enjoy any time alone".

Let's embrace ourselves: our dreams, memories and me-times. Our little meditations in the middle of the crowd.