Back in time or in other words "warehouse clearance SALE" where we offer candles from our previous collections for our lowest-ever prices. 

Catch it while it's there!

No. 03 Spanish Backyard - juicy, sun-ripened orange with hints of fresh chili peppers - a great combination for those longing for sunny lands. 

No. 08 Smooth Vanilla - Nutty, gentle and deep scent for those who love ever-lasting classics. 

No. 11 Cranberry Cheeks - fruity, fresh and sparkling, juicy and rich winter aroma. 

No. 15 Gingerbread -  Gingerbread aroma that smells like real, oven-baked cookies from homemade gingerbread dough. The embodiment of coziness and winter mood. 

No. 16 Adonis Yule - fresh, bright and solemn, like a kiss under a mistletoe!

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