We are Pikka Candles and we like fine home fragrances that fit into our interior and everyday lifestyle. We - it's actually me, Gunta + my "cheerleaders" and the biggest support: my family and friends. In 2019, I enthusiastically started my search for the perfect fragrance to complement my hobby - candle making. The world of candles and scents pulled me into a whirlpool of moods and feelings, from which I have not come out. 
Pikka Candles workshop is located in Riga and we make candles and scent stories. We feel them in the air, testing dozens of aromas on a daily basis. Then, we choose the fragrances that please our picky senses the most to dress them in our favorite wax and then in the vicious stories of our imagination.
Since 2020, our candles can be found in store shelves and, thanks to the feedback and customers' interest, we continue to work with even bigger goals and broader visions.