We create fine quality candles that burn clean and beautiful until the very end and fill the space with tasteful scents. Our candles are appreciated by those who look for deep and rich home aromas that don't smell synthetic. The search for such scents was the reason why we started making candles ourselves!
We choose carefully selected ingredients produced in Europe: 100% natural rapeseed and coconut wax blend, cotton wicks and the highest quality fragrance oils from the best European home aroma masters.
100% vegan & cruelty-free.
In the beginning of 2021, Pikka Candles moved to a workshop in Riga, where beautiful scent stories are created to pass them on with love and great passion for what we do. 



My name is Gunta and the story of  Pikka Candles began in the fall of 2018, when my home kitchen had turned into a small laboratory where wax and fragrance oils were experimented with in search of the perfect combination to satisfy my demanding senses. They are, indeed, demanding - I remember not liking scented candles at all, until I discovered that they can be good, high-quality and change the whole atmosphere around me by filling it with whatever mood I want to linger in. I liked the feeling so much I wanted to start making candles myself. And so I did, in my little "laboratory".
After more than a year of experimets, the perfect combination of fragrance and wax was found and in the autumn of 2020, the Pikka Candles e-shop was created as well as participation in craft fairs and store shelves. 
Candles have changed my life and home fragrances have become more important in my daily life than I could ever imagine.