On a nice and sunny autumn day, after more than a year of endless experiments in candle making which was my new hobby, I came across my "holy Grail" - a combination that made  my candles burn beautiful and clean and smell so good that even the biggest scented candle deniers (who happen to live with me) raised their brows in surprise - we had found home scents that didn't fall on our nerves. What's more, I loved my candles so much that I decided to start a business and offer them to other quality home scent seekers, starting with Latvian crafts fairs.
The "fault" lies in the high-quality aromas of European origin (mainly from France), which is one of the greatest added values of Pikka Candles right after the great dose of joy and love I add to each drop of wax.
That's how Pikka Candles' story began, and the name "Pikka" is a playful derivative of my and my husband's surname.
Pikka Candles workshop is located in Riga and here we make candles and scent stories. Since 2020, our candles also decorate store shelves and, thanks to the feedback and your interest, we continue to work with even bigger goals and broader visions.
Who would have thought that a good candle would take me on a whole new life trajectory?!
Who knows where a good candle could take you?!